For high-speed and high-quality thermo-abrasive cleaning of surfaces with a simplified abrasive feeding system.


PRANS HSS X7 unit for surface preparation. Designed for high-speed and high-quality thermo-abrasive cleaning of metal and other surfaces from corrosion, limescale, carbon deposits, hardened
and not old multilayer paints and other contaminants and for subsequent application to the prepared surfaces of metal or composite protective coatings.

Cleaning and coating process video:


High Performance

High performance and ability to apply thick coating layer

Quality of Treatment SA 3+

The quality of surface treatment is guaranteed at the level SA 3 and higher (a potential of 0.7-0.8 V is formed on the surface) without any kind of contamination and oxide films

Low Abrasives Consumption

Consumption of any abrasive required for high-quality surface preparation is several times less.

Safe & Easy

Complete safety and ease of use of PRANS HSS X7 and X8 equipment

Before & After Samples

Cleaned with HSS
Original Surface
Cleaned with HSS
Original Surface
Cleaned with HSS
Original Surface

Technical Specs

Supply voltage

220 V, 50 Hz

Working air pressure

0.7–0.8 MPa


4.5–6.5 m3/min

Durability of the wear part of the nozzle (pipe DIA 1")

2-3 hours

Types of materials

Diesel consumption

8.0–15.0 l/h

Operating temperature range

from -5°C to +30°C

Flat surface cleaning performance

20-40 m2/hour

The maximum particle size of the abrasive

1.0 mm

Abrasive consumption

6–15 kg/m2

Legal Info

Equipment “TRANS 5-8” TU 3864-001-13339705-2006
Coatings applied with the equipment “PRANS” TU 2458-002-13339705-2015
“PRANS” is a registered trademark, Certificate no.575080 dd. May 19, 2016.